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Ratatouille - Review

Rats and restaurants don’t go well together for our society to prosper. The idea of a rat entering a space where food is present is the most taboo event that can occur in a kitchen. Pixar broke exactly that rule by creating this piece of art. There are several reasons that make Ratatouille one of my favorite Pixar movies. Looking at Remy make those exquisite dishes makes me want to get up and do the same. Not just his cooking skills, but overall, his character is such a clean freak who respects the food he eats instead of Garbage like his family/friends do. He makes sure he is clean before touching the food. His ability to detect the ingredients of a dish from just smelling it is what makes this character so interesting. It’s just a delight to watch him put together those ingredients to form a dish. It’s like watching a live performance of a rat dancing his way around the kitchen towards a satisfying creation of a dish. His knowledge of herbs such as Rosemary or Saffron and understanding the requirements for a dish is what made this film such a great experience. Remy’s fondness for the cuisine leads his path to his favorite chef’s restaurant for which he sacrifices his family and friends to get to. Linguini’s relation with Remy is what helps Remy gain the experience and popularity he was destined to deserve. Linguini may have been worthless when it came to running a restaurant but him believing in a Rat being in charge of his restaurant and fate led him to greatness and praise. The reason for this movie’s greatness may be the unreal idea of a rat running a restaurant to feed humans, but for me, it was Remy’s desire for great cuisines and belief in himself, making it one of my favorite Pixar movies.