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Life of Pi Review


The argument between believing versus not believing Pi’s story has been the outcome for me after watching Life of Pi. There was a lot of realistic events happening in this film before Pi went through the Journey which may have made the storyline a little tedious. There were some unnecessary inclusions in the plot such as the added romance between Pi and Anandi which didn’t make any sense towards the story’s flow. There were some other moments which didn’t made much sense like the small boat being able to tackle those heavy storms which was able to take down a huge cargo ship. At the same time, I feel like the transition from non-fiction to fiction occurred during the first storm and after that, there were many questionable moments which are better to put aside because of how amazing the film turned into since the journey began. From those amazing shots to the entertaining interaction between Pi and the Animals, Life of Pi was able to keep me hooked up till the very end. The work that has been put in through CGI to reflect those colorful and mystical visuals was one of the highlights of this film. Ang Lee, the director did not yield in showing the different climatic conditions and how they were affecting Pi. Even the Tiger went through a change throughout the Journey from a strong and healthy beast to being exhausted and weak through the end. It was amazing to see the bond between the Tiger and Pi where they kept switching roles of deciding who is in charge, until the made peace with one another. A thought that started to occur in my mind around halfway was how is the Canadian writer, who lives in this non-fictional world going to react to Pi’s journey and what will make him, and also the audience believe that the story was not something that was an exaggerated version of what really happened. It didn’t really matter in the end as he gave the writer a choice of choosing between the two stories as it doesn’t matter what’s true and what’s not. It was an interesting way to conclude my argument, whether Pi’s story was to be believed or not.